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In regards to the safety issue, of course I take precautions.  But nobody took more precautions than Dr. Tiller.  Ours is not the only profession that faces dangers.  Much like the soldier in the field, the cop on the beat, and the firemen racing into a burning building, we work in spite of the danger for the common good.  I haven’t been intimidated for the past thirty-five years, and I won’t be now.

My biggest frustration is with the inappropriate behavior of the anti-abortion fanatics.  I fully respect their first amendment rights to express their opinions, even in front of my office.  However, violent actions, harassment, obnoxious language, and threatening behavior go beyond those rights, and accomplish little to change any patient’s mind about having an abortion.  We live in a democracy where there are well established mechanisms to effect social change.  Instead of making fools of themselves in front of our clinics, they should be concentrating their efforts on campaigning for and electing politicians who favor their cause.  Although they have had recent set backs in the political arena, they have managed to get waiting periods and parental consent requirements passed in the majority of states in this country.  Other politically maneuvered anti-abortion measures that significantly impact on access to abortion services include restricted funding and targeted restrictions against abortion clinics at the state level.  Of course, those of us providing abortions would much rather see no restrictive laws.  I would however rather see these issues debated and decided in an intelligent and civilized manner in the political arena than by religious fanatics screaming radical nonsense in front of my office.  I and my fellow abortion providers do what we do because we are sensitive to the needs of our patients, our country, and our world.  I sincerely believe in the service that I provide. I also respect those who have opposing views, but have little understanding of those who express these views through extreme language or violent behavior.

And so we move on.  Tomorrow I will go to my office.  Most likely the protesters will be there screaming at me as usual—and I will ignore them, as usual. My patients will come through the door in spite of the protesters. Nothing seems to change, except when the nasty rhetoric turns to violent action.  I think of my friend Dr. Tiller often these days.  He, in spite of formidable pressure, would not give in; and neither will I.

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